Thursday, November 7, 2013

Brett Baunton showing Mt. Baker glacier in "Vanishing Ice".

I am proud to have a print in "Vanishing Ice", the show at Whatcom Museum Lightcatcher about how climate change is affecting the glaciers on our planet. Vanishing Ice is an excellent collection of current and historic international art focused on ice in polar and mountain regions. Showing my work in the same setting as Ansel Adams and Sir Earnest Shackleton is a great honor and thrill for me. My print is of the Coleman -  Roosevelt glaciers on Mt. Baker in the North Cascades of Washington, shown side by side with an image by another one of my heros, Elliot Porter who created an image from nearly the same place 40 years earlier. There is a third image from 1913 from the same area. In this group of photos the visible recession in the glacier is very dramatic. A nice catalog is available from the gift shop where some of my glacier images are available as prints.

Here is a link to the exhibit now open until 03/02/14.

Link to the artist page

Link to the Vanishing Ice article in Crosscut also featuring my work.

Below is one of the images available as a print in the Museum gift shop.